Do you want to know how to improve eyesight? There are millions of people, if not billions, that rely on glasses, contact lenses, or any other artificial lens to help them with their vision problems. It is normal for you to look at an object for any length of time. When you do so you are causing your eye muscles stress and does not keep it relaxed. Those persons with good eyesight are those who are constantly shifting their eyes from object to object. This frequent movement works the eye muscle constantly.


When eye muscles are in a stress condition, our ability to see will be decreased and correcting our vision with the aid of glasses, contacts or eye surgery are always a first choice. As a matter of fact, eye glasses don’t improve eyesight, when your eyes are dependent on artificial lenses, most probably you will need stronger prescription each year. The choice of eye surgery may also have it’s own risk and can be very costly.

Even though genetics is said to be one of the main causes, the number of people with vision defects is increasing these days as compared to what it was some years ago. A recent study has shown that in Asia over the last two generations nearsightedness (myopia) has grown from 20% to 80% in children and even up to 90% in young adults. Recent research suggests that a combination of academics which requires continuous close work and a lack of outdoor light can be the cause .

How to improve eyesight naturally?

Almost everyone would be interested in knowing how to improve eyesight naturally without artificial glasses and lenses. Actually, our sights deserve to be treated even better than the rest of our body because of their importance. These tips will help improve your eyesight naturally:

  • You should cover your eyes occasionally during the day. First rub your hands together and make them warm, place them over your eyes. You should have them completely blocking the light.
  • Corrective lenses will actually making the eye muscles weaker. There are times that you may not need to wear them. If you feel that it is safe, take them off often to help build the muscle up again.
  • This is another step on how to improve eyesight naturally: get enough sleep. Getting the proper amount of sleep will help your eye health too. Lack of rest and sleep will affect on how well you can see. Make sure that you are getting around six to eight hours each night of good sleep.
  • Simple eye exercises can help most people, especially if you are suffering from nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), aging vision (presbyopia), and/or astigmatism. There are many exercises that you can use that will help strengthen those muscles in your eye. Simply by lowering and raising your eyebrows is one quick exercise that you can do. While rolling your eyes and shutting them tightly is another step that you should use.
  • If you feel your eyes beginning to hurt you can do a simple facial massage technique to help out. By rubbing the temples and forehead you will be able to help not only your head feel better but your vision out.
  • Nutrition is important for eye health, but it goes beyond eating carrots every day. Of course, eating carrots and other foods that are high in antioxidants are key when learning how to improve eyesight, so add them to your plate every day. Cold-water fish such as salmon and tuna contain omega-3 oils which help to keep vision clear. An egg every day will increase the amount of lutein in your body, and that is another great nutrient for vision. Avoid high sugar content in your food as this can cause deterioration of eyesight, so limit your consumption of cookies, cakes, and other goodies. One sweet that can be helpful to eye health, however, is dark chocolate – in moderation, of course. Avoid fat because it can cause poor blood flow which will prevent nutrients from reaching your eyes.
  • Relaxation is easy and powerful but it can improve eyesight easily. There are some ways for relaxing your eyes such as taking a break when your eyes feel tired, trying to see a different object after working in front of a computer screen for one hour, and closing your eyes for a few minutes. The relaxation can bring your vision back.


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